Are you ready for coronation?

Crowned in ultimate natural majesty, our Zero Drama Queen clip-ins are where the magic happens: an outer world halo for the everyday woman.

Perfect for 3C-4C patterns, these extensions brush out effortlessly to mimic the texture and fall of your own curls.

No manipulation needed past instalment. Complete the look with royal robe and sceptre.

Our models are wearing 2 bundles of 18".

Zero Drama Queen - clip-ins
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What's in a bundle?

There are 10 pieces in one bundle:         1 x 9'' with 4 clips / 1 x 7'' with 3 clips / 2 x 6'' with 3 clips, / 6 x 1.5'' with 1 clip.   37'' in total!


Available colours are: Natural (a mix of #1B and #2), #2, and a mix #1b at the roots and #30 at the ends - so you don't even need to dye your own hair to have a gorgeous brown fro!