Stress-free-tress anyone?

This is The No Stress Princess in all her glory.

She keeps it cute and cool: whether you’re about to board a flight to Bora Bora; sit down for a session of tea and tabloids, or paint the town red with your best gal pals: this is the perfect look.

Nothing can disturb this stress-free-tress, perfect for 3C-4C patterns and withstands of low-temperature heat manipulation. 

Blow out your own curls for best results, give it a quick sprits and be on your way.

Our models are wearing 2 bundles of 18".

No Stress Princess - clip-ins
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What's in a bundle?

There are 10 pieces in one bundle:         1 x 9'' with 4 clips / 1 x 7'' with 3 clips / 2 x 6'' with 3 clips, / 6 x 1.5'' with 1 clip.  37'' in total!


Available colours are: Natural (a mix of #1B and #2), #2, and a mix #1b at the roots and #30 at the ends - so you don't even need to dye your own hair to have a gorgeous brown fro!