Frequently Asked Questions


  • What’s different about BHNC Hair?

 Big Hair No Care is built on the belief that beauty should not be acquired at some else’s expense. That’s why our hair is 0% human hair, and 100% fair hair. BHNC is committed to providing an ethical alternative way of providing good quality, fierce looking extensions for natural hair.

To find out a little more about why we choose not to use human hair, click here.

Virgin extensions for natural hair are made of Asian or Caucasian hair which has been processed in order to achieve a kinky texture. This hair tends to be much heavier than the Afro hair, making it difficult to achieve the cloud fro effect and more difficult to maintain. Our clip-ins are much lighter than human hair, and require less maintenance.

  • I hear you offer subscriptions?

BHNC is the only brand to offer subscriptions for recurring orders to our customers. This means you can organise for regular deliveries of fresh BHNC products right to your door. We know you're busy like that.


  • Why else do we use synthetic hair

Forget everything you’ve heard about synthetic hair. BHNC clip-ins does faux curls, fabulously! Unlike the rather unnatural looking store-bought synthetic hair, BHNC clip-ins are not coated, which means they fall and feather to match your kinky texture. Its thickness and light-weight quality gives a more naturally bouncy finish, and lasts longer than your run of the mill store-bought synthetic hair extensions. 


  • Which locks are right for me?

The Laid-back Blow-Out features straighter, more blown out texture clip-ins, designed to take your fro to new heights without the impact of heat damage on your natural hair. 

The Zero-Drama Queen includes various lengths of natural looking coils that can be brushed out to match your own texture and volumise your look. 

Both work well on TWAs and big bad fro girls, so it all depends on your preference. 

  • Bundles: How many is too many? 

Big Hair is the name of the game, but there’s no need to overdo it! You may choose to use more or less hair depending on the style and thickness that you’re going for. As a general rule, we recommend 2-3 bundles for short hair– this should be enough for a healthy, natural look. For longer hair (shoulder length and more), we recommend 1-2 bundles.

  • How many clips are there in one bundle?

Each bundles come with 10 clips: 3 x 3 clips - 1 x 4 clips - 6 x 1 clip

  • Help! My hair is tangling!

DON’T -PANIC! BHNC hair is synthetic, so it will tangle, just like your own hair. This adds to the natural, cloud affect so there’s no need to spend hours detangling - it'll look gorgeous either way! Don't worry too much about brushing it (past the initial brushing to get to the desired texture) - you're no Barbie doll (you're a 0 effort Queen!)!


  • How do I make my locks last longer?

The beauty of Big Hair No Care extensions is that they require little maintenance on your part. But here are some tips to ensure you get the most wear out of your clip-ins: 
-    Remove your clip-ins before sleeping
-    Brush your clip-ins from the tips first, slowly moving towards the roots. Use your fingers or a brush with soft brittles like the Tangle Teezer. 
-    Spray your clip-ins with your synthetic hair or weave spray to preserve bounce and hold

  • How longwill they last me?

For the Zero Drama Queen range, you can expect your clip-ins to last up to 6-10 weeks, depending on whether you stick to our very simple guide (above).

The Laid Back Blow Out clip-ins last longer because the hair is straight, and you can expect them to last up to 6 months. I know... we really outdid ourselves.

  • Can I dye my hair?

To maintain optimum quality and texture, we would suggest you don't colour your BHNC hair. However, we are working on bringing you a wider range of colours so make sure to look out for future announcements. 

  • Where do I shop Big Hair No Care online?

All our products are available exclusively on

  • Tell me more!

For any further queries or enquires, please contact us at

Watch how to install The Zero Drama Queen clip-ins on a TWA. This is an extreme example with 3 bundles on very short hair. On longer hair, you can choose to leave a lot more out and blend it to your own hair more :) Prices start at £30.