Beauty should not be acquired at someone else’s expense
— Freddie Harrel, founder of BHNC

Big Hair No Care is a movement like you’ve never seen before.


Over the years there have been increased reports of suppliers using unethical methods of sourcing natural hair extensions.  At BHNC, we believe that beauty should not be acquired at someone else’s expense and we are proud of to be able to provide high-grade synthetic alternatives to human hair.

 WHY WE’RE #TeamSynthetic

 Our clip-ins are made with only premium fibres, making us very different than what you can find in shops. Unlike store-bought synthetic extensions which are heavily coated to keep their shine and curl; BHNC hair has a reduced amount of alkaline base coating, making it easy to blend with natural afro textures and mimic all types of curl patterns.

Store-bought extensions tend to be fine and heavy – giving it a plastic look. But our premium alternative ranges are made with thicker, lightweight fibres is thicker, giving it a natural look, and a longer product life!

 BHNC is much lighter than human hair. Extensions for natural hair are usually processed Asian or Caucasian hair, which is much heavier than the Afro hair. As a result, it’s difficult to get the big cloud effect you get with an afro because heavy strands of hair will point downwards and not sideways.

 Maintaining human hair extensions requires a good deal of additional care especially if you want to maximise your investment. Detangling is a long process because it’s essentially Asian or Caucasian hair that has been processed to match the Afro texture and this becomes difficult to preserve. BHNC will tangle quite a fair amount too, just as much as your hair, but a little finishing spray will be enough to keep it looking full and nourished. 

 Our main reason for choosing synthetic extensions is because the human hair market is unregulated and often unethical. We hear an increasing number of women being attacked at night and shaved or obligated to shave their heads as a result of financial instability crisis. A huge proportion of ‘ethically sourced’ human hair is bought from religious temples after women have shaved their heads as a means of religious devotion, only for it to be sold and imported to Western consumers. And while these religious institutions temples often claim to invest the money made from the hair back into local communities, there are fears not all are so honest with their windfall, choosing instead to keep it for religious officials. (Source for more info:The Guardian, BBC News, Ethical Fashion Forum, Clutch Magazine)


Big Hair No Care™ was founded by Freddie Harrel, style blogger and confidence coach. Frustrated with the poor quality and brief product life of regular synthetic extensions, Freddie got to work on designing easy-to-us clip-ins with a more realistic texture and lower maintenance needs. But this was back in 2014 and initially for her own use; in 2016, she's bringing it your way: Big Hair No Care is born.

As described in the SHE Unleashed manifesto, Freddie is an avid believer in unleashing our inner characters. Having hosted various talks, public and corporate workshops around style and confidence, Freddie seeks to empower women to embrace and explore the hundreds of personalities that make them, and understand their true-self. Experimenting with hair styles is one way of doing this, Big Hair No Care is designed to make this as quick and care-free as possible – especially for busy women! 

You are not only one person! But dozens, hundreds of personalities…

I really think that we’re all made of dozens of characters that we tend to suppress or ignore because of life and its boxes we love to fit in so much! Going on that self-exploration journey will uplift your self-love, confidence and happiness; and style is also a great weapon to channel all these amazing personalities!
— Freddie Harrel